Compliance, Security and Confidentiality

Delivering Services in the financial services sector and especially on a global scale means that Canada Mobile Payments must be compliant to legislative guidelines in each country within which it delivers services. Compliance spans the spectrum of privacy laws, the handling of confidential information, to a rigorous anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing regime.

CDN Mobile Payments Corporation is registered with FINTRAC in Canada; and through it’s subsidiaries with FinCEN in the USA.

Technology Security Features

Authorization Security:

  • Session
  • OTP password delivery
  • Server Side Security

Authentication Security:

  • Logon Security
  • Password policies
  • Multi-factor authentication

Transport Security:

  • Secure connection – SSL

Canada Mobile Payments current reach spans approximately 50 countries, and Canada Mobile Payments ensures that it is fully compliant with the legislative requirements in each of these countries in which we conduct business.

Canada Mobile Payments has incorporated compliance checks and balance into its systems with the intent of automating and thus minimizing the human error component which should serve to maintain the highest level of compliance.

Measures Include:

New registrant OFAC, OSFI, or equivalent database verifications. This automated measure is taken to ensure that new customers of Canada Mobile Payments are not on Terrorist or money laundering watch list.

Identify verification. Canada Mobile Payments has automated this process where services are available. This automated measure runs in the background to validate new registrant information against commercially available records and databases. In some cases, these measures extend to validation of new customers credit ratings. Where automated measures are not available, Canada Mobile Payments has developed process measures within its system which ensure that manual verifications are made.


PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance

The PCI-DSS dictates the security requirements of accessing, transmitting and storing credit card data. By being PCI Level-1 Compliant, Canada Mobile Payments must go through rigorous on-site audits, penetration testing and inspections in order to obtain the highest level of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). This allows us to be displayed on the Visa and MasterCard global list of compliant service providers.

Canada Mobile Payments Certified for all Major Card Networks

Visa – Compliant Service Providers

MasterCard – Site Data Protection Compliant Service Providers

This includes

  • Merchant solicitation, sales, customer service, training


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