Coupons Loyalty Redemption

There will be some 1.05 billion mobile coupon users by 2019 (up from less than 560 million in 2014) according to Juniper Research.

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Juniper’s report ‘Mobile Coupons: Consumer Engagement, Loyalty & Redemption Strategies 2014-2019′, identifies the surge in user numbers would be due to increased retailer engagement with various mobile channels such as integrating coupons into loyalty programs and delivering coupons direct to consumers.

Canada Mobile Payments offers unique discussion points around disruptive technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communications) and Beacons boost in-store engagement and business revenue.

Geo-Targeting Shopping Engagement

  1. Establish a Mobile Coupon inventory for special mobile marketing promotions
  2. Cross marketing from coupon marketing partnerships
  3. Increase your usage of mobile loyalty programs in Canada
  4. Expand affiliate marketing as a standard ‘go to marketing channel’
  5. Increase mobile marketing and mobile advertising conversions

Mobile Coupons Canada

Customer loyalty is the single most important driver of Growth and Profitability- Harvard Business Review

Customers belonging to loyalty programs visit 2x as often and spend 4x as much – Parago Inc.

Mobile Engagement Tools: Shop, Pay & Go!

Reward your CUSTOMERS with Low Cost, Incentivized Deals, Exclusive Offerings utilizing Canada Mobile Payments Mobile Engagement Tools- Pay Faster & Smarter™.

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