Customer Loyalty

Canada Mobile Payments is a cloud-based platform designed to maximize customer loyalty, customer retention & dollar retention rate for merchants in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon.

Mobile Rewards

Loyal customers are the foundation to any growing business. Our Rewards assists merchants in delivering an effective loyalty program that attracts new customers while rewarding its most loyal members.

  1. Punch, point, and dollar based loyalty programs
  2. Reward each new customer for joining
  3. Recognize birthdays, anniversaries
  4. Detailed analytics and integration

Targeted Messages

Merchants can now target specific customer groups to influence measurable behaviors, by delivering the right message at the right time.

  1. Customer segmentation creates rich targets
  2. Personalize offers and specials receive attention
  3. Messages are received within each customer’s app
  4. Application icon badges notify of a new message received

Mobile Coupons

Everyone loves a great deal! Whether offering restaurant menu discounts during peak times, or premium specials during non-peak times to drive sales, coupon campaigns can fit your market.  Coupon redemptions can change a business!

  1. National, regional, and store-specific offers
  2. One-time use versus multi-use offers
  3. Auto-expire by date offers
  4. Auto-renewing offers

Electronic Gifting

Now you can allow customers to purchase and send gift cards electronically by mobile devices. For those merchants who still have plastic cards in circulation, Canada Mobile Payments will help your customers digitize them. Now supporting:

  • ValuTec
  • Stored Value Solutions (SVS)
  • Any 3rd-party offering

Social Media Sharing

Whether ‘Liked’ or ‘Tweeted’, social connections can expand your consumer base while providing useful and measurable content.

  • ‘Likable’ deals and offers
  • Sharable content with friends or followers
  • Measure effectiveness of content
  • Monitor responses and feedback
***Place your business on autopilot or self-manage any essential feature.

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