Digital Mobile Wallet



Canada’s First Digital Mobile Engagement Wallet for Android & iOS


  • Conceptualized & developed mobile NFC transactions technology including mobile payments, mobile ID, credential management, mobile wallet, mobile banking, mobile money remittance.
  • Developed and launched Canada’s first commercially-viable NFC mobile credential provisioning system to Point-of-Sale Systems (Tablets) & Terminals.
  • Launched Canada’s first truly open mobile wallet application combined with digital gift cards, loyalty, mobile coupons, QR code scan technology.
  • Launched Canada’s first fully commercial ApplePay integrated mobile payments now available on iOS smartphones.
  • Created Canada’s first commercially available NFC UICC – EMV certified and GlobalPlatform-compliant to payment terminals & POS systems.
  • Launched Canada’s first fully commercial, end-to-end NFC payments solution – now available on iOS and Android smartphones available on 5000+ smartphones.

Patent: Systems & Methods for Mobile Payments – United States

  1. 50 technology patents, 1 trademark pending
  2. Canada’s First Fully Integrated mobile payment to Point-of-Sale (POS) system & Terminals
  3. Canada’s First Mobile Payment from Apple Pay, Google Wallet etc.. To POS system
  4. World’s First watch wallet payment system
  5. World’s First integration of mobile payments with inventory management systems
  6. World’s First Bitcoin mobile payments to Point of Sale (POS)
  7. World’s First payment from wearable device to POS system

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