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In Canada, mobile commerce is a big and fast growing segment of the marketplace, and the mobile technology is making it easier and faster for businesses to get online and sell to a wider range of audiences. Whether your customers are down the street or on the other side of the globe, the demand for fast, safe and flexible payment options is universal for Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Ajax, Pickering, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Kitchener, Niagara Falls businesses.

Canada mobile payments is vastly a forward-thinking, canada commerce company driven to deliver utmost quality services for customer needs.  Canada Mobile Payments products set the standard for smooth implementation and integration, uptime and processing speed, fraud protection and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards. Whether you are online only or a brick-and-mortar merchant can help you create the best payment experience for your online customers. All you have to do is choose which ecommerce solution meets the needs of your business.

Highlighted Features of Mobile Technology

  1. Mobile payments transfers (no external unit) via electronic funds transfer system
  2. Mobile wallet acts as the central transfer point from bank accounts and credit cards to merchant payments
  3. Process customer to merchant payments
  4. Funds transfer from mobile devices WIFI and LTE: smartphone, tablets
  5. Deposit Funds capability
  6. Add Family Members or Dependents
  7. Transfer Funds to Family Members or Dependents
  8. Make purchases at Retail Point of Sale (POS)
  9. Mobile couponing capability
  10. Content can be remotely updated in real-time.
  11. Bitcoin funds transfer from mobile device to ATM’s
  12. Online credit card payments & debit card processing
  13. Acts as a mobile wallet to retrieve funds transfers from debit, credit card systems to enable a user to make payments safely and securely
  14. Funds transfers from wearable devices: glasses, watches
  15. Feature richness & relevance
  16. Technologies supported (NFC, QR code, BLE)
  17. Channels supported (mobile / web)
  18. Security practices
  19. Integration readiness – standard API &
    abstracted integration layer
  20. Ability to integrate with existing systems:
    MEAP, CRM, loyalty, payment gateways etc.
  21. Shorter deployment time – shorter time to market
    for new use cases; easy to configure process,
    workflow, UI flows
  22. Easy to scale ecosystem
  23. Integration with data analytics

All Canada Mobile Payments Gateway clients benefit from:

  1. Available recurring billing
  2. Available virtual terminal
  3. Extensive online reporting
  4. Data exports and reporting API
  5. Intuitive API implementation over varies hardware
  6. No downloads or SDKs
  7. Ability to capture custom data
  8. Expert quality mobile technical support
  9. Unlimited user accounts registration
  10. Customizable email receipt
  11. Automatic settlement options

Fraud Prevention and Risk Management

Canada Mobile Payments includes a wide range of free security and risk management tools to help merchants retain control over the purchase process in a card-not-present environment and stay proactive when it comes to fraud.

  1. Verified by Visa and MasterCard
  2. SecureCode
  3. Address Verification Service (AVS)
  4. CVV2 (3-digit security code validation)
  5. API Hash Validation and passcodes
  6. Transaction filters (by card number and IP)
  7. Validate referring hosts
  8. Robust internal controls

Mobile Payments Disruptive Technology

Mobile payments will hit $720 billion a year by 2017, up from $235 billion last year, according to the research firm Gartner.  Mobile commerce via smartphones and tablets will grow 80 percent in 2014 to $83.78 billion.

To be sure, many consumers still walk around today with a stack of plastic jammed into their wallets. Nearly 550 million credit cards and roughly 590 million debit cards are in use in the U.S. Plastic cards are used for 75 billion transactions a year, worth more than $4.7 trillion. That translated to $21.5 billion in collective profits for seven of the largest U.S credit card issuers last year.

Some estimates set the global value of mobile transactions at USD 1.5 trillion by 2017, others predict that the Chinese market alone will be worth USD 1.4 trillion by next year.

When it comes to readiness, Singapore, the US and Canada are considered to be best prepared for the rollout of mobile payments. 81% of Americans are either interested in or have already begun to use mobile payments, but for the majority (56%) , this is contingent on the service being free.

Wearable Technology

By the end of 2014, 19 million units of wearable technology will be shipped globally — more than tripling last year’s sales, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). By 2018, the global market will more than quadruple to 111.9 million units, IDC says.

The Canadian market for wearable technology is in its infancy but will see “hockey stick” growth, with compounded annual growth of 64% over the next five years, according to IDC Canada.



Samsung Pay in Canada

“In Canada, we will roll out Samsung Pay. We’re not ready to talk about specific timelines, but we’re on the international roadmap,” Ken Price, vice-president of carrier sales and marketing in Canada.

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