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Canada Mobile Payments is a global e-commerce payment processing company assisting businesses with e-commerce solutions for quick and easy transactions. CanadaMobilePayments.com is a leading provider of electronic commerce, virtual terminal, credit card payment processing & mobile payments for Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Kahnawake, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Ajax, Pickering, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Kitchener, Niagara Falls businesses.

Accept Online Payments Easily!

Canada Mobile Payments enables SMB merchants the ability for their customers/clients to make purchases right from their fingertips online.  Seamlessly, customers can pay right from your website.  You now have full access to the HTML and CSS of your store, making it easy to customize every aspect of your website, e-commerce & checkout.  All with its own intuitive settings your company can quickly and easily customize every facet of your storefront or e-commerce solution.  Your online store comes with a full-featured content management system.

Ideal for websites, e-commerce environments, mail order / telephone order businesses, telemarketing operations and any other business that accepts credit card payment transactions in a ‘card not present’ environment. The Canada Mobile Payments Virtual Merchant Terminal turns any Internet connected PC into a robust online payment processing solution quickly and securely.

E-Commerce Virtual Terminal Solution

Our E-Commerce & Virtual Terminal solutions allow you to:

  1. Accept all Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit and debit cards
  2. Accept all Interac debit cards – card present environment (available on Virtual Merchant with PIN pad models)
  3. Easily integrate your ‘Buy Button’ functionality with your shopping cart
  4. Handle recurring payments and installment billing
  5. Deposit funds to any Canadian bank account
  6. Settle in CAD or USD currency
  7. Access all functionality from any PC with an Internet connection

We also handle recurring payments and installment payments. If your business also accepts face-to-face debit and credit card payments, simply connect a PIN pad to your PC and you have the complete ‘2-in-1’ solution that handles both your ‘card present’ and ‘card not present’ transactions.

eCommerce High Risk Credit Card Payment Processing

Canada Mobile Payments is a leading provider of payment and high risk payment credit card processing card-not-present merchants: Adult, Forex, Gaming, Gambling, Travel merchant services. Canada Mobile Payments is the industry’s top proprietary end-to-end fraud and chargeback, high risk merchant services management solution – helping eCommerce merchants near and far.

Canada Mobile Payments specializes in fast and easy PCI-compliant gateway solutions.  Our solution is one of the world’s most advanced eWallet options allowing you to transfer funds, make purchases online and keep your financial details private.  Solidly built is a world class security and a world-wide community with one of the best web-based payment systems around.

      1. e-Commerce high risk merchant services
      2. Gambling, gaming eCommerce merchant services
      3. Point of sale gambling, gaming merchant services
      4. High merchant services for gambling & gaming industries
      5. Gambling online credit card processing services
      6. Online casinos
      7. Poker rooms
      8. Poker sites
      9. Sports betting: gambler can wager on various sports competitions, including golf, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing, boxing, and mixed martial arts
      10. slot machine games

We assist these online ecommerce businesses for processing transactions:

      1. Merchants selling product/service that is illegal
      2. Merchants collecting past due debt
      3. Pornography
      4. Merchants providing Cash Advances
      5. Aggregators/Third Party Payment Processors
      6. Mail order brides & International match-making services
      7. Merchants up-selling or cross selling products of other merchants then sharing the cardholder data with the third party or receiving card
        holder data from third parties (data pass)
      8. Merchants selling replicas/counterfeit goods-designer name products
      9. Virtual Currency- Bitcoin, Altcoin

Online Credit Card Processing Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal

Canada Mobile Payments is the trusted leader in eCommerce (Online Credit Card Processing) for Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Kahnawake businesses.  Merchants demand hassle-free, safe, affordable & fraud preventative with state-of-the-art fraud and risk prevention mechanisms.

Canada Mobile Payments is the leading electronic commerce and credit card payment processing service for Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Ajax, Pickering, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Kitchener, Niagara Falls.

Our trusted payment solutions consist of:

  1. business online credit card payment processing
  2. virtual terminal payments options
  3. merchant online payments
  4. e-commerce payments

Credit Card Processing Online Requirements

1. Clear description of goods and services listed on site
2. Clear pricing and currencies of each and every product and service.
3. Terms and conditions clearly stated online.
4. Privacy policy on site.
5. Contact details and location of business easily found on site.
6. Customer service email and phone number listed on website.
7. Times listed that customer service is available.
8. Refund policy clearly stated.
9. Shipping policy clearly stated on order page.
10. Display Visa and MasterCard logo’s at checkout
11. SSL on all pages where customer information is collected.

Payment Processing Online

1. There are 47 billion websites, including the first website ever created more than 24 years ago.

2. There are 3.2 billion Internet users worldwide, accounting for almost 44 percent of the global population.

4. YouTube visitors view 6 billion hours of video each month, and over 300 minutes of video are uploaded every second.

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