High Risk Merchant Services

Canada Mobile Payments Leaders in eCommerce, Mobile Payments & Credit Card Processing worldwide transactions for: Adult, Forex, Gaming, Gambling, Casino, Pharma, Nutraceuticals, Travel, Vaporizers, eCig, Cannabis Medical Marijuana MMJ high-risk accounts & merchant services for Canadian & U.S. companies.

eCommerce Merchant Services- Card Not Present

Canada Mobile Payments is a leading provider of payment and risk management solutions for credit card processing card-not-present merchants, Adult, Forex, Gaming, Gambling, Nutraceuticals, Casinos and travel merchant services on the high risk account side. Canada Mobile Payments is the industry’s top proprietary end-to-end fraud and chargeback, risk management solution – helping merchants prevent disputes before they happen and recover profits unnecessarily lost to chargebacks.  We are specialists in the Sub prime market assisting the dirtiest, nastiest, slimiest, growing businesses with processing payments from their customers.

Canada Mobile Payments specializes in fast and easy PCI-compliant gateway solutions.  Our solution is one of the world’s most advanced eWallet options allowing you to transfer funds, make purchases online and keep your financial details private. With world class security and a world-wide community, one of the best web-based payment systems.

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Table games: blackjack, roulette, backarat, sic bo, craps, keno, bingo, caribbean draw, caribbean hold’em, texas hold’em, let’em ride, red dog, tri-card poker, vegas three card rummy, war, pai gow poker.

Canada Mobile Payments specializes in eCommerce High Risk merchant service accounts (Credit Card) across the world.  We work with Domestic and International Banks, Merchants and Agents.  Our Global Payment Gateway gives you access to the quality Merchant Account options required for business growth.

Handling ALL eCommerce High Risk Credit Card Processing: – Nutraceuticals/Travel/Adult/Gaming and Gambling (Coded or Uncoded)/Forex/Binary/Hotel/Airline/eCig everything imaginable for Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Kahnawake, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Ajax, Pickering, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Kitchener, Niagara Falls businesses.

Gambling is a $14 billion a year industry in Canada. There are approximately 87,000 electronic gaming machines (EGM’s, include slot machines and VLT’s), 33,000 lottery venders, 60 permanent casinos, 250 race tracks, and 25,000 licenses to operate bingos, raffles, and temporary casinos (Azmier, 2005). Over 75% of Canadians have gambled in the past year (Cox et al., 2005). Industry revenues indicate that the average Canadian household spends just over $1000 annually on gambling (Azmier, 2005). ($534 per year per Canadian adult).

High Risk eCommerce Merchant Services: Gaming, Gambling, Affiliate Marketing

  1. Holistic, proprietary solution: Total Chargeback Management protection that utilizes an in-house, proprietary and patented technology and support to stop both fraud and non-fraud chargebacks from occurring and that reclaim unwarranted chargeback losses.
  2. Rapid alerts from issuers: The speed of which chargebacks are reported means merchants reduce losses in goods shipped or provisioning of services and second chargebacks.
  3. Zero defect guarantee: Our system avoids all patented, closed-loop platform avoids false positives, which can increase chargeback costs to merchants and result in unnecessary over refunding, both of which hurts the bottom line.
  4. Omni-channel support: Offers complete omni-channel support, enabling chargeback dispute management and recovery for both card-present and card-not-present channels.
  5. Simple Set Up and Implementation: Eliminates IT hassles and the need for integration and allows merchants to quickly boost revenues by transferring the burden to Canada Mobile Payments Total Chargeback Management System. Merchants optimize capital with zero guesswork about refunding transactions and reduce time and operational costs on processing chargebacks that can’t be avoided.
  6. Flexible and agile delivery options: Either service is available standalone or as a completely managed service with white-glove support from a team of chargeback management professionals.

Our global issuer/merchant network has grown dramatically with the North American payments industry of more than 7,000 merchant accounts (high risk) that process millions of transactions for emerging companies and some of the world’s leading brands.

The Canada Mobile Payments issuer network resulted in increased support for U.S. card purchase volume of $247 billion (fraud) and $137 billion (non-fraud) covered with our and partners chargeback prevention services.


Chargebacks are $40 billion problem that affects EVERY merchant’s bottom line.

Extensive and Growing Partner Network of Top Card Issuers – Stops up to 40% of your chargebacks
Protect Your Bottom Line – Avoid costly fees, fines and penalties…and potential loss of your processing privileges
Complete Coverage – Prevents BOTH fraud and non-fraud chargebacks
Avoid “False Positives” – Some solutions create dispute signals that don’t turn into actual chargebacks, adding costs for protection that you don’t need
Real Time Notifications Stop Losses – Prevent chargebacks from additional billings and stop losses from fulfillment of goods and services
Improve Staff Allocation – the system takes the burden off your staff so you save time to focus on your business
100% Accuracy – successfully resolved but later filed as a chargeback, you don’t pay

eCommerce Merchant Services Company

The ability to resolve cardholder disputes with minimal resources enables an Issuer to significantly reduce operating expenses while providing a superior level of customer service to the cardholder.  Efficient dispute management is an integral component in successfully managing the operations of a business. CDRN provides Merchants with the ability to have the first right to resolution.

Dispute Resolution Management

Customer disputes can often significantly impact a Merchant’s operations and bottom line. Effectively managing disputes is important to all Merchants;

  1. Card Not Present (CNP) Merchants with higher cost associated with dispute processing.
  2. Due to the nature of a recurring Merchant, where disputes can span several billing cycles, efficient dispute management is an integral component in successfully managing the operations of this business model.
  3. payment cardholders are bypassing Merchants and directly contacting their Card Issuer to resolve billing disputes.
  4. More often than not, this results in Merchants receiving chargebacks without any prior customer contact.
  5. Merchants are not provided with an opportunity to effectively and positively resolve their customer’s requests or concerns through their customer service channels and the matter is unnecessarily escalated to a chargeback.

Why is Canada Mobile Payments good for Online Casinos?

Canada Mobile Payments has made a reputation as one of the leading experts in electronic E-Wallet deposit services worldwide. It has proven popular for many functions, be it online gaming, online casinos, retail shopping or transferring money electronically.

When you use Canada Mobile Payments as an E-Wallet at an online casino, your transactions will be instantaneous, whether you’re depositing or cashing in your winnings.  You don’t have to wait for days to send money to or from your account, instead you can enjoy your favourite games immediately safe in the knowledge that you can get your winnings straight away!

Using Canada Mobile Payments you can transfer your winnings to a preferred credit card assigned to your account, to your bank account, or with the Canada Mobile Payments debit card you can use your winnings at any online or land location that accepts MasterCard. By using PayPal you won’t have to give any private information to the online casinos, meaning you can get your prize money quick, easy and secure!

Online Credit Card Processing

Dynamic Currency Conversion (“DCC”)

With the DCC services, foreign currency rates are electronically updated, ensuring that the most current conversion rates are used at the time of each transaction. Merchants and consumers alike can conduct business with confidence, knowing the exact amount of their transaction before a bankcard statement arrives.

    1. Card Not Present
    2. Airlines
    3. Accounting Software
    4. Travel
    5. Adult, Dating and Escort
    6. Adult Cam Girls
    7. Beauty supplies/products: mascara, lashes, bras, laser treatment spas
    8. Outbound Telemarketing
    9. TMF (including internet)
    10. Bad credit
    11. Bankruptcy
    12. Firearms
    13. TMF history
    14. Bail Bonds
    15. An unconventional business model
    16. A business in a “high risk” industry
    17. Online Membership Clubs
    18. Scholarship Programs
    19. Diet Programs
    20. Continuity Merchants
    21. Nutraceuticals / Healthcare
    22. Generic Viagra
    23. Pharmacy
    24. Tobacco, e-Cigarettes, Vaporizers
    25. Herbal vaporizers
    26. Forex
    27. Multi-Level Marketing
    28. Offshore
    29. Sports Betting

High Risk Merchant Accounts


Adult XXX Extended Warranties Online Retail
Adult Toys FFL Dealers Pharmaceuticals
Adult Videos Financial Consulting Payday Loans
Advertising (Online) Financial Services Penny Auctions
Airline Tickets- Airlines & Jet Charters
FOREX Trading Personal Injury
Annual Contracts- Recurring Hard to Place Businesses Phone Sex Operations
Apparel – Swimsuits etc.. Health & Beauty Poor Credit Accounts
Astrology Herbal Supplements PPI Claims
Business Opportunities High Average Tickets Prepaid Debit Cards
Calling Cards (International/Domestic) High Risk Merchants Real Estate
Cash Advance Services High Volume Satellite TV Repair
Cigars and Pipes (Imported Cuban Cigars…) Immigration Services Scholarship Services
Collection Agency Payments Infomercials Seminars
Continuity Insurance Brokers Cannabis Medical Marijuana MMJ
Credit Repair Transactions Internet Gambling Sex Toys
Credit/Debit Collections Jewellery Social Gaming
Daily eCoupon Offers (Mobile/eCommerce) Law Firms Software Downloads
Dating Websites Loan Services Stock Trading
Debt Consolidation Magazine Sales Strip Clubs
Direct Selling Organizations Mail Order Tech Support
Domains/Hosting Companies Matrimonial Services Telecommunications
Downloadable Software Membership Websites Telemarketing
E-Book Downloads MLM Marketing Companies Telephone Order
E-Cigarettes with Nicotine
Multi-currencies Timeshares
Educational Software Multi-Level Marketing Travel Agency
Electronics (B2B, B2C) Nutraceuticals Diet Programs
Travel Services
Escort Agency Services Online Casino Vacation Rentals
Event Tickets Online Gaming VOIP Services


Canada Mobile Payments is a Global Merchant Service Provider (MSP) and Payment Service Provider (PSP) with tier-one bank sponsorships in Canada, United States, Latin America, Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Canada Mobile Payments assists SMBs and Enterprise companies with credit card payment processing solutions for brick-and-mortar and eCommerce transactions. We are one of the few providers with a true Global Payment Solution, encompassing all high-risk merchant services verticals & accounts such as:

      1. Online Nutra / Pharmaceuticals
      2. Debt Collection Companies
      3. Gaming
      4. Ecig / eCigar with Nicotine Herbal Vaporizers, Hookah Retail, Medical Marijuana Payment Processing (MMJ)
      5. Infomercial and TV shopping retail
      6. Online Dating Services
      7. MOTO Accounts
      8. Travel Agencies
      9. Adult Related Services / Products
      10. Escort Agency
      11. Payday Loan Companies
      12. Discount Savings Clubs
      13. Business Opportunities


Canada will grow at a 9.2 percent
compound annual rate, rising from $117.6 billion in
2010 to $182.8 billion in 2015.
revenues will increase to $73.3 billion
in 2015 from $57.5 billion in 2010

Gambling Regulations in Canada

The Canadian Gaming Commission oversees the industry as a whole in Canada, offering information and responding to any serious issues that arise. The organization communicates with the public, government, and media to ensure that the industry is understood properly and kept in perspective. Laws pertaining to casinos, online gaming, sports betting, and other similar activities are enacted and enforced by individual provinces.

e-Cig, Vaporizers, e-Cigar Nicotine, Cannabis Medical Marijuana Payments

  1. Acceptable Products & Accessories for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
  2. PV | Personal Vaporizers | Nicotine Vaporizers
  3. Atomizers
  4. Cartomizers, Clearomizers
  5. Vaporizer E-Liquids | E-Juice | Liquid Solutions | Flavored & Unflavored
  6. Vap Pens
  7. Juice distributors
  8. Batteries – Standard & High Capacity
  9. E-Cig Vaporizer Chargers | Adapters
  10. Atomizer Parts
  11. Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
  12. Electronic Cigars | E-Cigar
  13. Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes | USB Pass-through
  14. Cartridges & Cartomizers
  15. E-Cigarette Tank Atomizers
  16. Drip Tips
  17. Cannabis Medical Marijuana Payments

Canada’s Leader High Risk Merchant Services: Adult, Gaming

Canada Mobile Payments specializes in high-risk merchant payment processing solutions for the adult, escort agency, gaming, electronic cigarette, marijuana industry, even high risk merchant accounts for tech support worldwide.  Don’t roll the dice on other companies.  We offer:

  • Fast Approvals
  • 95% Approval Rates
  • Free Merchant Support
  • NO Application Fees
  • Competitive Pricing

Our epayments company assists the following sectors:

  1. Retail
  2. Hospitality
  3. Transport/Logistics
  4. Restaurants/Hotels
  5. Real Estate
  6. HealthCare: Cannabis, Medical Marijuana
  7. Financial
  8. Gaming
  9. Services
  10. Software/Technology
  11. Casinos

High Risk Merchant accounts can undergo an adjudication process with a potential personal credit check security deposit- collateral- deferred payments and sometimes a deposit every 2 weeks to minimize merchant risk.

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