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Conduct Mobile Payments From Your Mobile Device: iOS, Android, Tablet

Our mobile commerce solutions enables businesses to receive transactions from customers anywhere with ease!  New technology is disrupting Finance & the payment space daily.  We advance the payments industry with new and innovative financial technologies. Canada Mobile Payments consists of leaders, thought leaders, and financial technology entrepreneurs who understand the problems with current technology & the user.

With the Canada Mobile Payments patented mobile commerce solutions for smartphones, iPad; transactions can occur quickly, and securely with credit card payments made virtually anywhere.


Our suite of equipment, servers, infrastructure, developers is super-charged with the industry’s most capable mobile technology available on today’s market.

Pay at The Table

Businesses require portability, mobility offered by some of our wireless POS solutions enabling “Pay-at-The-Table” capabilities combined with a counter-top terminal, fully integrated POS, Wireless POS, or PMS Solution.

Future-Proof Mobile Commerce Solutions

Companies investing in point-of-sale payment solutions opt for advances in technology. At Canada Mobile Payments, we ensure user-friendly, super fast, highest industry standards of reliability for all clients small to large.

Premium Point-Of-Sale Equipment
Premium point-of-sale equipment supports and utilizes the EMV Chip & Pin compatibility that’s designed to be fully future proof for POS systems

Mobile payments are a hot topic in the financial industry and a top priority for banks, because:

Toronto Mobile Payments

  1. The ever growing ubiquity of the mobile phone: on a world population of 7 billion, there are 5 billion mobile phones, but only 2 billion people have a bank account;
  2. Consumers are using their mobile phones to make payments in over 130 deployments with a 100 more planned and several new initiatives announced each week;
  3. It is a growing market predicted to increase to 900 million users and USD 1 trillion in transaction value by 2015.

Canada is a market dominated by debit card usage: in 2011 around 78.8 million cards were in circulation with 23.6 million debit card users. In 2011, around 4.35 billion debit transactions were made for a value of C$190 billion.

A MasterCard study found that overall, of the $63 trillion in total global consumer spend in 2011, 34% ($21 trillion) was done with cash, with cashless payments accounting for 66% ($42 trillion). Within Canada itself, non-cash payments account for 90% of the total value of consumer payments in Canada.  Toronto is the financial epicenter of Canada.  Canada Mobile Payments is using Apple Pay which enables users to pay from their Apple iPhone 6 & Apple Watch devices.


Mobile Payments Methods for Merchants

Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE

Beacon Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a new technology that draws minimal power from Android and iOS smartphones. It is available on all Bluetooth Smart Energy phones, including Android phones and Apple iPhones (4S or later).

Your consumers/clients can now pay with the latest Bluetooth low energy or Bluetooth LE.  BLE enables merchants to connect to a customer’s CanadaMobilePayments app when they enter your store. What happens next is really cool….. A vibration or sound on the user’s phone lets them know that them are checked into the system. Customers ready to make a purchase say they’re paying with CanadaMobilePayments and the transaction is automatically completed.  No exchange of cash, cards, taps, or signatures required at all…. completely hands-free.

Canada Mobile Payments Beacon Technology will enhance customers shopping experiences where they can accept messages from stores that they walk into taking advantage of unique offers & special promotions.

How does the Merchant use Beacon Technology?

It’s super simple.  The merchant plugs it into a wall socket or a laptop, and the Canada Mobile Payments Beacon sends out Bluetooth low energy signals to anyone with the Canada Mobile Payments app.


Geofencing is the evolution of mobile payment technology. A merchant now has the ability to send signals to customers for unique promotions.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning allows customers to pay simply by merchants scanning a code directly off the screen of the customer’s smartphone to accept payments.  Merchants now have the ability to scan your barcode directly from your smartphone device.

Tap-to-Pay – NFC to Point of Sale

Tap-to-Pay, also known as Near Field Communication (NFC), allows consumers to simply tap their phone on any NFC activated terminal to make payments from merchants.

Secure & Certified

Reliability guaranteed with 99.99% uptime and network certified, PCI DSS Level 1 compliant systems.

Next-Generation Mobile Payments Architecture

Engineered for the new digital age and emerging mobile payments transaction ecosystem. Modular layers, APIs tailored to your specifications.

Sophisticated Robust Transaction Security

Internationally-tested, certified bank grade security & scalable.

Integrated Products & Services

  1. Administration

    Administrative POS solutions enable your business to integrate e-commerce webstores, Credit Card Processing, Retail, Point of Sale Systems, Payment Terminals, CRM, and Electronic Payments with multiple banks, processors and back office environments.

  2. Convenience Stores

    The Canada Mobile Payments POS solution is integrated with easy-to-use fully integrated point-of-sale software systems.

  3. Education

    Canada Mobile Payments ensures your processes are efficient, streamlined and cost-effective. You want to free up your time to focus on providing a quality education experience for your students.

  4. Grocery Store Point of Sale

    Grocery stores are complex and require a significant amount of management. To assist with store and chain productivity, a fully integrated Grocery Point of Sale is a necessary.

  5. Health & Wellness Payment Solutions

    You’re in the business of helping ensure the health and wellness of your clients. An integrated Point of Sale solution can help with class and instructor scheduling, in-store and online retail options, client management, powerful sales, marketing and analysis and integrated payments.

  6. Oil & Gas Payment Hardware Systems

    Canada Mobile Payments and partners offer easy to use POS software and self payment hardware systems specific to the requirements of the retail fueling industry, convenience store industry and unattended fueling industry.

  7. Restaurants Point of Sale POS

    The restaurant Point of Sale POS market is a highly competitive, low margin environment and managers need to take every opportunity to run their restaurant efficiently and profitably. POS solutions are the logical choice to help streamline operations and simplify management tasks.

  8. Retail Point of Sale

    The retail market is highly competitive and retailers need to use every opportunity to run their operation efficiently and profitably. POS solutions are the logical choice to help streamline operations and simplify management tasks.

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